Educational assortative mating and income inequality in Thailand

栏目:学术论文 发布时间:2022-12-13

Sasiwimon Warunsiri Paweenawat;Lusi Liao
Journal of Demographic Economics, 2022
AbstractThis study examines the degree of educational assortative mating, its evolution, and its relationship with income inequality in Thailand using national labor force survey data from 1985 to 2016. Since the 1990s, Thailand shows a trend of decreasing educational
homogamy, but there is evidence of continuing educational hypergamy in Thai households. Using the semiparametric decomposition method of DiNardo, Fortin and Lemieux (1996), the study finds that educational assortative mating has affected changes in household income inequality over time. Furthermore, there exists a negative relationship between income inequality and marital sorting with same education, which contradicts evidence found in developed countries. 

Key words: Educational assortative mating; income inequality; Thailand