Parenthood penalty and gender wage gap: Recent evidence from Thailand

栏目:学术论文 发布时间:2022-12-13

Sasiwimon Warunsiri Paweenawat;Lusi Liao
Journal of Asian Economics, 2022, 78, 101435
Abstract:This study first examines the evolution of gender wage gap in Thailand, using cross-sectional data from the Labor Force Survey (LFS) for 1985–2017. We find that education, occupation, and industry significantly contribute to gender wage gap convergence in Thailand. Furthermore, for females, the wage gap between mothers and non-mothers has increased over time, while for males, the changes are relatively small. Thereafter, we examine the gender wage gap associated with marriage and parental status, using panel data from the Socio-Economic Survey (SES) for 2005–2012, and find wage penalty for both motherhood and fatherhood in Thailand.  

Key words: Gender wage gap ;Parenthood penalty ;Thailand